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CEDA OGC Web Services Framework

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The CEDA OGC Web Services framework (COWS) is a Python software framework developed at the Centre of Environmental Data Archival for implementing Open Geospacial Consortium web service standards.

COWS emphasises rapid service development by providing a lightweight layer of OGC web service logic on top of Pylons, a mature web application framework for the Python language. This approach gives developers a flexible web service development environment without compromising access to the full range of web application tools and patterns: Model-View-Controller paradigm, XML templating, Object-Relational-Mapper integration and authentication/authorization.

COWS contains pre-configured implementations of WMS, WCS and WFS services designed for serving earth system data using the Climate Science Markup Language, a web-client and cluster-enabled Web Processing Service (WPS) supporting asynchronous data processing.

COWS Components

  • cows core: Framework library and server templates
  • cowsserver: WMS/WCS/WFS server
  • cowsclient: WMS/WCS web-client
  • cows_wps: Web Processing Server

Under Construction

This new home for COWS is still being developed so you may find incomplete information here. For the latest source visit our developer site.

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Contents   ::   COWS Framework Overview  »